Coronavirus : Update 11th May

  • With the ever changing situation associated with Coronavirus (Covid 19), Longcliffe continue to closely monitor developments and follow advice from government guidelines. Yesterdays announcement by the Prime Minister should see an upturn in demand for our products from the manufacturing and construction industry.
  • Longcliffe Quarries supply large amounts of calcium carbonate into Animal Feeds, Agriculture and Pet Foods which are all part of the food chain.
  • In addition the glass container industry supplies into medicines, food & beverage so therefore essential we remain open to support our country
  • We have taken and continue to take steps to monitor and minimise the risks, protect our employees and families and ensure there is little or no disruption to our customers, suppliers and the local community.
  • Several of our staff are still working remotely from home to ensure the business continues to run smoothly.
  • Senior managment COVID -19 review meetings continue to take place every few days to monitor the evolving situation and change our strategy accordingly.
  • Letters have been issued to our employees stating that they are key workers.
  • Our new washing plant is in the commissioning phase and should be fully operational in the next few weeks!
  • There may be some delay on phones as we have limited staff in our office due to social distancing so would ask for your patience.
  • Alternatively e-mail us for a quick response:  [email protected]

Further updates will be issued in due course.
11th May 2020