Our Chairman's Message 8th June 2020

Dear Colleagues.

As a supplier for key industries like the food and medical sectors, it has been vitally important that a company like ours maintain its operations during the coronavirus outbreak.  Nevertheless major changes have had to take place during the lockdown and so I wanted to get in touch to reassure you that the company remains financially stable, on solid foundations, and firmly committed to supporting all our customers and employees.  


With a shrinking economy has come a shrinking demand in some sectors and so regretfully a third of our staff have had to be placed onto the national furlough scheme. Although this has meant that parts of the company feel quieter than usual, this dramatic shift has been met with a huge collective determination to rise to the challenge. Blasting, loading , hauling, crushing, bagging, testing, and deliveries to our customers have gone ahead uninterrupted as before, not to mention all those continuing to work so diligently from home. This intent to maintain progress despite all the challenges was typified by the launch of our new washing plant which has been completed, in the midst of a global pandemic, with no safety incidents, on time and on budget during a period that has been at times the wettest and driest on record. 

However current times remain unnerving and despite this strength of character and resolve this period continues to test us all. Huge strains rest on those caring for the vulnerable - the elderly, children, and the sick and house-bound - and many more unprecedented and unforeseeable challenges lie ahead. Nevertheless, I am sure that if we continue to sustain all the hard work that has already taken place, then soon enough we shall return to  normality and emerge stronger and better adjusted for whatever adversity we may face in the future.  In the meantime though, know that more than anything this message is to say that I am thinking of you all and wishing that you, and all your family, remain safe and well.


Kind Regards,


Robert Shields DL Chairman Longcliffe Group