Woodland Management

The aim of this project is to create a sustainable woodland management programme that complements local woodlands, benefits local wildlife and links the surrounding countryside on a landscape scale. There are several different structures, ages and species of woodland on the Longcliffe estate providing a rich variety of habitats.
Trees are planted at many locations in and around the quarries in accordance with a restoration and after-use plan as agreed with the mineral planning authority, Derbyshire County Council. Within that plan is a list of species, most native to the area.

About the Project Site

The woodland management project involves a number of wooded areas and copses across the Longcliffe estate.

Project Status and Results

The Longcliffe estate has an ongoing environmental management plan. Research work was initially conducted by scholars from Harper Adams University throughout woodland areas and this has guided the development of a woodland management plan. This is continually updated with new research and management goals.
Woodland management continues with the thinning of mixed species in high priority woodlands. The aim is to allow the woodland to develop whilst maintaining its screening values. This management technique had seen visible improvements to the woodland structure, landscape character, biodiversity and screening value.