Agricultural Lime

At Longcliffe, we provide a complete liming solution for farmers as well as a wide range of limestone products for agricultural and horticultural industries.

Agricultural lime is one of the most important farming materials used to help maximise crop yields by limiting the adverse effects of high soil acidity and minimise the use of other, more costly fertilisers. Substantial research has been done on the optimal pH range for various crops and the addition of agricultural lime can help to maintain this range.

Unless steps are taken to redress the balance of soils by applying a liming material there will be a natural reduction in the lime status of most soils. This results in a natural increase in acidity and in many cases a reduction in soil fertility.

Building on a 60-year Relationship

We have a long-established relationship with the farming community, dating back more than 60 years. This experience in meeting the needs of the farmer, combined with our technical expertise and strict quality control, ensures complete reliability from our wide range of agricultural products and services. As well as agricultural lime, we also supply limestone products for other areas of the farm. Our limestone is ideal for drives and cattle ways which often become rutted, preventing efficient use in wet weather. Our roadstone provides a reliable all-weather surface at an economical price. We can also supply clean stone for drainage, concreting sands as well as a wide range of limes suitable for cattle bedding and feeds.


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