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Fine, ground calcium carbonates (GCC) are an important additive for a wide range of surface coatings. At Longcliffe, we produce and supply GCCs suitable for basic coatings such as decorative paints, textured finishes and plasters as well as more specialist applications such as road-marking paints.

Carbonates are also highly desired for both industrial and protective coatings due to its ability to improve the strength of the product and its surface finish.

Plasters, screeds and renders all have their own particular requirements when it comes to ground calcium carbonates. At Longcliffe, we supply numerous grades produced from our high-purity limestone deposits, suitable for all applications. Furthermore, nearly all manufacturers are embracing environmentally friendly technology to reduce solvent usage and emissions.

As a result, both water-based and high-solid systems have become increasingly important. More information on our ground calcium carbonates can be found on our dedicated product page.

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