Longcliffe supplies limestone for the manufacture of granular and compound fertilisers. These fertilisers are often tailored to particular farm production systems and regional soil deficiencies for exceptional results. Limestone is also used as a carrier in certain agrochemical and pesticide formulations.

Ground calcium and magnesium limes are often used by the horticultural industry to neutralise acidic soils as well as an added component of composts and soil dressings. It is also sold by garden centres and other DIY outlets under various names such as carbonate of lime or garden lime.

Lime is an important source of calcium for plants and ensures strong growth, resulting in improved fruit and leaf quality. Garden lime is ideal for use on vegetable patches and flower borders as well as at the base of trees, shrubs, hedges and roses. The product can also be used on lawns to improve grass growth and colour. Calcium carbonate is also used in mushroom growing, often being added to the top-dressing applied to the spawn-run compost on which the mushrooms eventually form.

At Longcliffe, we supply a number of carbonates for use as fertilisers so please get in touch with the team today for more information.

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