Plastics and Rubber

At Longcliffe, we produce ground calcium carbonate (GCC) powders suitable for the production of numerous plastics and rubbers. Major polymer-related uses include carpet-backing, PVC compounds, plastisols and rubber applications. 


Ground calcium carbonate produced at our Brassington Moor quarry is an important limestone filler for strengthening the latex backing of rugs and carpets. This strengthened backing holds the fibres in place and provides a higher degree of resiliency and stiffness. Adding Longcliffe’s GCC to carpet-backing also extends the latex emulsion without having to use expensive materials, reducing overall manufacturing costs.

PVC Compounds and Plastisols

PVC is a very versatile polymer and is used in a wide range of applications from cables, flooring and window profiles to packaging, wall coverings and drainage systems. Limestone fillers such as ground calcium carbonate powders can be added to plasticised PVC and plastisols for improved strength and durability.


Rubber can also benefit greatly from added ground calcium carbonate powders. Our limestone fillers are the perfect addition to rubber when used for hoses, tyres and extruded profiles through to other general rubber moulded components.

Products related to Plastics and Rubber

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