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Longcliffe is the UK's largest supplier of calcium carbonate used in the production of animal feed compounds and premixes.

Calcium carbonate plays an important role in animal nutrition as a dietary supplement and an antacid. Our wide range of dried powders and granules are used as a natural source of calcium and as an inert carrier for various other vitamins and nutrients. The quality of our limestone deposit is unsurpassed in this country, containing almost 40% elemental calcium - one of the highest levels available.

High-purity limestone, with a low-level of acid insoluble compounds, is an essential component of feeds for poultry, pigs and cattle and helps the development of bones. Poultry especially, require grit in the gizzard to assist with digestion and strengthen shells for proper egg production. Adding feed grade calcium carbonate to their diet can help to achieve this, resulting in better healthier birds and better-quality eggs.

Calcium carbonate is also used as a fortifier in pet foods and supplements to help strengthen bones. Our granular limestone is also used by farmers for home-mixed feed rationing. We strictly control the granular size of our carbonates ensuring we meet strict requirements for the animal feed industry. We are both FEMAS and TASCC certified so you are guaranteed high purity products from the market leader

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