Cement Replacements

At Longcliffe, we produce ground calcium carbonate (GCC) which is increasingly being used as a cement replacement in concrete and pre-cast concrete products.

Longcliffe has traditionally supplied limestone aggregates and ballast for concrete and blinding applications, however, we have recently seen an increasing interest in fine fillers as a replacement for Portland cement, PFA and GGBS in many types of concreting applications.


Using ground calcium carbonate as a component in concrete can improve the density of the mixture, the surface finish and the performance of the concrete in both its plastic and hardened states. Using limestone as a cement replacement results in a light-coloured concrete suitable for architectural applications. In addition, GCC can also help achieve improvements in environmental performance as it results in substantially lower CO2 emissions compared to Portland cement.

Precast and Self-Compacting Concrete

Ground calcium carbonate is increasingly being used in applications such as precast concrete products, including block paving, paving slabs and roof tiles, as well as ready-mixed concrete and self-compacting concrete (SCC). The use of SCC technology within the UK has grown rapidly in recent years, particularly in precast concrete, making GCC a very desirable compound across the industry. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our calcium carbonates.

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