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At Longcliffe, we offer one of the widest range of high-quality limestone and dolomite aggregates suitable for concrete applications from both our Brassington Moor Limestone Quarry and Ryder Point Dolomite operation.
Our reputation for supplying high-quality concrete aggregates is well known throughout the industry resulting in a large customer-base for sectors such as cast stone, walling, precast, bricks, paving and ready mix.
For the precast sector, we offer a range of dusts to suit individual customer needs, along with coarse single-size aggregates for the manufacture of paving slabs, walling and fence posts. Consistency is the key to supplying this market and here at Longcliffe, we are focused on providing the best quality limestone in the industry with an unrivalled level of service.
We are long-established members of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA), which strives to promote the use of cast concrete against other forms of building materials such as steel.
Many of the members of UKCSA manufacture a wide range of cast stone for schools, hospitals, upmarket housing developments and office complexes and use our material due to its desirable colour and consistency.
Recent developments at our Ryder Point quarry and the introduction of washed aggregates have enabled us to enhance our share of the ready-mix concrete market and at the same time reduce our waste stream, resulting in significant environmental benefits.
Please contact us for further information on our range of products for the concrete sector - we will ensure a quick response and are confident we can meet your needs.

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