Construction Aggregates

Aggregates play a major role in a majority of construction projects and are a key component of concrete and asphalt. The main benefit of using construction aggregates is the ability to improve overall strength of the final product. At Longcliffe, we supply a number of different grades to ensure that we can provide quality aggregates for the construction industry.

Our construction aggregates, MOT type 1 sub base and 6F5 roadstone are often used as fill materials for roadbed formation, draining and pitching, including septic fields and foundation footings for municipal offices and carparks. Our aggregates are perfect for retaining walls and roadways, providing much-needed strength to help stabilise structures.

Longcliffe construction aggregates are also often used as a natural pipe bedding and sidefill material to provide a supporting surface which will not damage the pipe, membrane or other materials laid above.
Our aggregates are requested for numerous construction and housing projects across the region and we are trusted to deliver high-quality products on-time, every time. Quarried from the finest selected limestone and dolomite, our broad range of construction aggregates are renowned for their consistency and quality.

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