Speciality Limes

Limestone and lime products play an important role in our day-to-day lives from the treatment of drinking water, wastewater treatment and steel manufacture through to flue gas desulphurisation and mineral feed blocks. At Longcliffe, we have a range of speciality limes including milk of lime, calcium oxide (quicklime), hydrated lime and magnesium oxide.

We have recently made significant investments in new product lines for our speciality lime products enabling us to meet industry demands both now and in the future.

Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment

Lime products are widely used in the treatment of waste and drinking water in order to remineralise excessively soft water which can be aggressive to metal pipes. Adding limestone also adjusts the pH of acidic waters to a more suitable level. Through an established relationship with Tarmac Buxton Lime, we supply numerous water companies with high solids milk of lime. Alkali Solutions has quickly become a market leader in the supply of speciality limes due to their consistent high-quality products.  

Flue-gas Desulphurisation

Speciality limes are used to neutralise and remove acids present in the flue gases of power-generating facilities. It is also used in flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) at coal-fired power plants, municipal waste-to-energy plants and brick manufacturing.

Industrial & Construction

Our range of speciality lime products is supplied to a number of industries for the manufacture of construction products, mortars, steel, animal feeds, sugar, plastics and rubber, soil stabilisation plus many others uses. As a leading supplier of calcium carbonates, get in touch with us today to find a product suitable for your application.

Products related to Speciality Limes

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