Dry stone walling experts from across the country have tested out their skills on a wall forming a quarry boundary in Longcliffe.

Local company Longcliffe Quarries Ltd hosted 'The Ellwood Classic Dry Stone Walling Competition' where 17 Dry Stone Wallers of different levels of expertise were each given two metres of dilapidated wall to take down and re-build. The Competition is highly prestigious and changes venue each year to test the wallers' ability with different stone types.

The Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) chose their host and location well, with the walling test area bordering the company’s Brassington Moor Quarry. Longcliffe donated a supply of quality new limestone as replacement material to supplement the old stone and bring the wall up to a stock proof height.

The event took place over a whole day with the trial broken down into three categories – amateur, veteran and professional.

After an intense day in which DSWA Master Waller Philip Dolphin of Skipton watched the competitors fully take down and rebuild their section of wall, a winner was announced for each category, with cash prizes also donated by Longcliffe.

Congratulations to the winners: Bert Noble (professional - Huddersfield), George Allonby (Veteran - Penrith) and Bobby Storey (Amateur- Grizedale)

Longcliffe Sales Manager Bill Cooke, who was there to watch the event said: “Watching the Wallers all day and under such intense conditions really showed us what an amazing craft dry stone walling is. We were delighted to be able to have the event on Longcliffe land on which there are many very old dry stone walls. By keeping this skill alive, the walling maintains its historical appearance.”
Bert Noble from the Dry Stone Walling Association added: “Longcliffe provided us with a brilliant venue for the competition and gave us some lovely stone to work with. Competitions like this are vitally important for our craft for many reasons including honing our skill and networking with other wallers. It is events like this that keep the craft thriving so thanks again to Longcliffe for hosting us!"