Derbyshire-based Longcliffe Quarries Ltd has invested in 10 brand new ’72 plate Volvo trucks, delivering benefits all round – for the customer, environment, drivers and company.
The company’s latest additions of three 8-wheeled tippers and seven articulated tractor units takes the new vehicle tally to 30 over the last three years.
Longcliffe has always operated a policy of buying vehicles outright and renewing them on a regular basis.  This approach is reaping major rewards including a saving of over £0.5 million in maintenance costs over the past three years and increasing Miles Per Gallon (MPG) achieved from 7 to 10 which is helping to offset the recent hikes in fuel prices.
Longcliffe’s Logistics Manager James Hopkinson explains more: “We are very pleased to have these new Volvos as part of our fleet.  With all Euro VI engines, we know we are sending the most fuel efficient vehicles out on to the road, helping us reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.  By investing in, and renewing our fleet regularly, we also significantly reduce our maintenance costs, and keep  breakdowns to a minimum, ensuring our customers retain a very high quality delivery service.
“From a driver perspective, the new vehicles have been particularly well received.  Visibility, camera quality, safety and comfort have all taken a step up.  And our drivers now all work with technology unique to Volvo. Volvo Connect gives our drivers the opportunity to monitor their own driving performance and see how they score in comparison with their colleagues.  This gives us live data on where drivers are operating the vehicle in the most efficient way; or helps us identify areas where drivers could improve.”
Liam Fletcher, 27, has been driving HGVs for six years, the last two as part of the Longcliffe logistics team.  Driving one of the new ’72 plate articulated lorries (carrying industrial powders) to customers across the UK, he has a valuable first-hand view of the benefits of the new vehicles.
“For me, the improvements in safety technology and comfort are amazing.  I find the visibility much better all round and the quality of the camera screens is crystal clear.  Most weeks I spend one or two nights away from home, sleeping in the cab.  The bed is great and there are other home from home comforts like a fridge freezer!
“The time spent with the Volvo specialist trainer was really useful and the Volvo Connect system gives me and all the other drivers live information on how we are performing in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions and safe driving.”
Longcliffe Managing Director Paul Boustead added: “We are delighted to see that the investment in this new fleet is already paying off for our customers, the company, the drivers and the environment.  With safety as always our first priority, we are already seeing positive results all round.”