Quarrying And Processing

Aggregates and Powders

At Longcliffe, we process large amounts of pure limestone at our Brassington Moor Quarry as well as quality dolomite aggregates and granules at our Ryder Point Quarry.

Our base limestone deposits are of an exceptionally high quality, typically measured as 99.5% pure calcium carbonate. This purity combined with sophisticated production techniques enables us to offer an unusually broad range of products – over 100 in all. From large natural block to fine granules and powders we can supply calcium carbonate for demanding applications including glass-making, rubber, carpet-backing and architectural structures.

Extraction and Processing of Quality Limestone

Firstly, the rock face at the quarry has to be drilled and blasted to produce stone feedstock. This is taken to the plant where it undergoes a variety of processes including crushing, drying, milling, screening and classification to produce a wide range of high-quality aggregates, granules and fine powders. Continuous re-processing of any by-products ensures waste from our operations is eliminated.

Management and Sustainability

No mineral extraction processes can be described as fully sustainable and the life of a quarry is ultimately finite. However, with strict management, planning and investment, we process our estate’s resources in a sustainable way. Our progress towards achieving a high-level of sustainability within our operations is recognised by international accreditations including ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Foresight, Planning and Investment

At Longcliffe, we are constantly upgrading our plant and machinery and continually pursue an active and substantial re-investment programme across all areas of our quarry. To ensure our operations are kept running smoothly, we make the most of modern technology such as automated and computerised controls throughout all stages of the production process. All plant and machinery are monitored by computers to identify potential problems before they occur and we have systems in place to ensure machinery automatically closes down if a problem is identified. This ensures production continues to a high standard regardless of any issues.

We have secured new reserves enabling us to continue supplying high-purity limestone and calcium carbonates well beyond the forseable future.